Memorial Day Golf Ball Sugar Cookies

Golf Ball Cookies

Memorial Day is my 3rd favorite holiday, behind Christmas and Thanksgiving. I know, it seems odd, most people wouldn’t pick it as a favorite. But, for my family and me, it’s a big deal. Every Memorial Day weekend for the last 31 years, my parents have hosted a golf tournament. What started off as an idea between my dad and his handful of friends to make sure that they all got together at least once a year, has turned into a full-blown, weekend-long, 50+ people affair.

It starts with golfing on Sunday morning and culminates in a picnic at my parents, complete with plenty of food, beer, and an awards ceremony. The awards are typically joke awards that are relevant to things that have taken place in the last year, the winner gets a horrible plaid jacket that they have to wear throughout the year (unlike the Masters’ jacket, this isn’t one that you’re dying to win. It’s from the 70s and hasn’t been washed since. It was found in my grandfather’s closet when my dad decided to throw this bash together all those years ago).

When I say I love this day, I’m not exaggerating. Family, friends, laughter, it’s what life is all about. By the time the weekend rolls around, I’m so excited to see everyone.

Because of the number of people who attend, everyone brings a dish to the picnic, so as to alleviate some of the cooking that my mom has to do. The past few years, I’ve tried to make something golf themed. A few years ago it was a cake that looked like a golf course, after that, donuts that looked like they were sitting on a green. I did deviate last year and made star cookies that were red, white and blue that were then made into a flag (it is Memorial Day after all, let’s not forget the real reason for the 3-day weekend). This year, I wanted to make the cookies again but make them golf related. And that’s when I remembered this adorable picture that I had found on Pinterest.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.15.55 PM

So cute, right? I can totally recreate that, maybe just a little less complicated (and just the golf balls, not the “course”), I thought to myself. And it wasn’t too hard to do either! Continue reading