Healthy Two Ingredient “Cookies”



Recently, I did something that I swore I’d never do when baking. I made healthy cookies. That’s right, healthy, clean-eating, no sugar, no oil, no eggs cookies. Do they really count as cookies if it’s missing all that stuff? Jury’s still out on that, but the end result was tasty.

Why healthy cookies, you ask? Well, as much as I love baking, I can’t be eating a ton of cookies every week. Well, I could, but then I’d have to spend hours at the gym, and who really wants to do that? And, with my sister’s wedding coming up in September, I need to look good in my dress! (Totally vain, I know, but what girl doesn’t have that thought)?

I had some bananas sitting around that were just slightly too ripe and I needed something to do with them. I remembered seeing a recipe on Pinterest that called for cookies made with bananas and oatmeal. So obviously I went and found it and whipped up some cookies. Continue reading