The time this girl got dirty


A few weekends ago, I did something that I thought I’d never do: a 5k mud run.  Forget about the fact that I’m not supposed to run given my two knee surgeries and threats from my doctor of “it’s not if, it’s when you have another surgery.” The running part really wasn’t that bad and my knee was okay for the most part (the few days after not so much, but total fine during the run which is what matters!). It’s the fact that I ran, crawled and slid through mud. Mud and I don’t mix. Dirt and I don’t mix. I mean, I wear flip flops or slippers around my own house because I don’t want my feet to get dirty–and it’s my own house!! So the fact that I not only did this mud run, but was actually the one who suggested to my friends that we do it was mind-blowing.

The Dirty Girl 5k was actually a lot of fun, and not really as bad as I thought it would be.  The race is obviously for women, hence the name, it’s not actually a race–no one keeping time here, and there are signs at each obstacle that say “you can skip the obstacle, we won’t tell anyone” so it’s not as intense as Tough Mudder.  But hello, what’s the point of signing up for an obstacle course mud run if you aren’t going to complete the obstacles? So naturally my friends and I completed every single one of them: climbing over walls, climbing up ropes, sliding down a slide into a landing area of mud, army crawling under ropes, 12 obstacles in all. Continue reading