A very Minnie Mouse birthday

sugar cookies oreo cake pops finished

A week ago, the daughter of one of my best friends turned 2. About a month and a half ago, my friend had asked if I would bake some cookies for the party, which was a Minnie Mouse theme. To be honest, I was surprised at the Minnie Mouse theme at first. I thought kids today didn’t know who Mickey and Minnie are and only knew about the Disney Princesses and the characters from the Disney/Pixar movies. But, apparently Mickey and Minnie are back and as popular as ever thanks to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show (which I didn’t even know still existed).

Of course, I said yes to my friend’s request and immediately started thinking of what kind of cookie I would make, how I would decorate them, what fun stuff I could add to them. Even though my friend had just asked for cookies that looked like Minnie’s head, I knew I wanted to do more. So, I searched Pinterest and Esty and got the idea to do individual Minnie bows and number 2s. Then, it hit me–I need to make cake pops!

The first time I ever made cake pops was for the baby shower celebrating the now 2 year old. Then, for her Winter One-derland first birthday party last year, I made snowman and snowflake cake pops. So, obviously, I HAD to make them for this party. It’s like my thing now for her, right?

Since I knew I’d be making sugar cookies (using my go-to recipe from In Katrina’s Kitchen), I decided to go with a chocolate cake pop to add in some more flavor. I had made melting snowman Oreo truffles last year for Christmas and figured that the recipe could easily work for cake pops. And, it’s so easy, like ridiculously easy. Continue reading


Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes

cupcake butterscotch buttercream

Before I get into my latest baking adventure, I have to say that I am so so sad that Alan Rickman died. What a loss of such a great talent and person. I loved him in every movie I’ve seen with him in it. But, let’s be honest, my favorite role was him as Snape in the Harry Potter series. I read the majority of the books, and have seen all of the movies and I thought he portrayed Snape wonderfully and made him likable even when he wasn’t supposed to be. I’ve been wanting to re-read and re-watch the movies, and I think that now is a perfect time.

Harry potter movies snape actor alan rickman

I wish I could say that I made these Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes in tribute to Alan Rickman. But the truth is I made them about a week prior for my friend’s birthday. She loves Harry Potter even more than I do. I knew I wanted to make something special and fun for her birthday and when I found these Butterbeer Cupcakes, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I had to attempt them. Thank you to Amy at Amy Bites for this amazing recipe!

There are 3 steps to making the cupcakes: Continue reading