A very Minnie Mouse birthday

sugar cookies oreo cake pops finished

A week ago, the daughter of one of my best friends turned 2. About a month and a half ago, my friend had asked if I would bake some cookies for the party, which was a Minnie Mouse theme. To be honest, I was surprised at the Minnie Mouse theme at first. I thought kids today didn’t know who Mickey and Minnie are and only knew about the Disney Princesses and the characters from the Disney/Pixar movies. But, apparently Mickey and Minnie are back and as popular as ever thanks to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show (which I didn’t even know still existed).

Of course, I said yes to my friend’s request and immediately started thinking of what kind of cookie I would make, how I would decorate them, what fun stuff I could add to them. Even though my friend had just asked for cookies that looked like Minnie’s head, I knew I wanted to do more. So, I searched Pinterest and Esty and got the idea to do individual Minnie bows and number 2s. Then, it hit me–I need to make cake pops!

The first time I ever made cake pops was for the baby shower celebrating the now 2 year old. Then, for her Winter One-derland first birthday party last year, I made snowman and snowflake cake pops. So, obviously, I HAD to make them for this party. It’s like my thing now for her, right?

Since I knew I’d be making sugar cookies (using my go-to recipe from In Katrina’s Kitchen), I decided to go with a chocolate cake pop to add in some more flavor. I had made melting snowman Oreo truffles last year for Christmas and figured that the recipe could easily work for cake pops. And, it’s so easy, like ridiculously easy.

All you need for the Oreo cake pops are:

Oreos (1 package of 36)

cream cheese (1 8oz brick, softened)

chocolate or candy wafers (like the kind from Wilton)

mini Oreos

lollipop sticks

Minnie Mouse bows (I bought fondant bows from angelcakesetc2 on Etsy, they were adorable and I loved them!!)

a foam block or cake pop stand

Making the cake pops

First, I took my regular Oreos and crushed them in the blender until they were fine.

Oreo Stacks Crushed Oreos

Then, I put the crushed Oreos in a mixing bowl with 8oz of softened cream cheese and mixed until it was all incorporated and smooth.

Cream Cheese

Next, I took about a tablespoon of the mixture one at a time and rolled it into balls. I put them on a tray and then put the tray in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

cake pops chocolate oreo

While the cake balls were in the freezer, I started working on what would be used for the ears. All I did was twist apart mini Oreos and scrape the frosting off (I may have eaten a mini Oreo or two along the way…)

separated mini oreos

When I was done with that, I started melting my chocolate. I only melted a little bit, as I would be using it as a “glue” for the lollipop stick and the cake ball to take the cake ball to a cake pop. I used the Wilton candy melts for this. I microwaved them on 50% power at 30 second intervals, stirring between each interval until smooth.

chocolate candy melt

I let that cool for about a minute so that I wouldn’t be putting the super hot candy melt into the chilled cake ball (made that mistake once, and the cake balls wouldn’t stay on the lollipop stick!).

I grabbed my cake balls and got to work making them into pops. I dipped the end of the lollipop stick into the melted candy and inserted it into the bottom of the cake pop. The candy will harden and act as a glue. I put each cake pop into a holder on my cake pop display so that they wouldn’t get messed up.

candy melts lollipop stick Cake Pop

Once all the cake balls had been made into cake pops, I inserted the ears. I cut 2 little slits into the top of the cake pop, then, similar to the lollipop stick, I dipped the edge of the mini Oreo into the candy melt to act as a glue and then pushed the mini Oreo into the slit.

Slits for Ears mini Oreos Minnie Mouse ears cake pops minnie mouse cake pop oreo ears

When they were all assembled, I put the cake pops into the fridge to get cold again. If you try and dip a softened cake pop into the melted candy to cover/frost it, the whole thing will fall apart. Not Good!

While those were getting cold again, I melted more chocolate to use as the coating. I ran out of the Wilton Candy Melts so I used baking chocolate. I used the same melting method as earlier (50% at 30 seconds). When it was melted, I added a 1/4 teaspoon of vegetable oil and mixed it together. I had read that the vegetable oil would thin out the chocolate a little bit, and I wanted to try it because I always feel like the coating on the cake pops is too much. (And guess what? It worked. I’m doing this all the time now).

I melted the chocolate in a tall drinking glass so that I could just dip the cake pop into the glass and have the whole thing get covered. It was the first time I’d done it this way as opposed to melting it in a bowl and then using a spoon to coat the bottom of the cake pop and I’m now always going to use a tall glass. It’s so much easier.

Once the cake pops were cool and the chocolate was melted, I got moving on coating the cake pops. I just dipped the cake pop into the cup, tapped the stick (at an angle) on the side of the glass to get rid of the extra and make sure the ears were defined.

chocolate coated oreo cake pop

Immediately, while the chocolate was still wet, I added the fondant bows to the cake pop, so that it would set into the chocolate and stay in place.

Oreo cake pop Minnie Mouse bow

I put the cake pops into the stand when I was done with each one so that they could dry. It’s important to have them dry upright or less the coating will pool and get all wonky.

Once they were all done, I put them back in the fridge so they wouldn’t melt. Normally, you can leave them on the counter to dry, but we were in the middle of a snowstorm so my heat was turned on a little higher than normal and I didn’t want to take any chances–I didn’t want all that work to go to waste!

The cake pops looked like they would be super shiny when they were first dipped into the coating. But, they weren’t as shiny when they dried and I kind of preferred that.

stand cake pops up to dry

Finally, when they were dry, I wiped off the chocolate that had gotten onto the stick, packaged them into treat bags with pink bows, and put them into treat boxes. And, I was SO excited because I found Minnie Mouse ribbon at Hobby Lobby which was PERFECT to use to tie up the boxes.

packaged cake pops cake pops packaged with Minnie Mouse ribbon

The Sugar Cookies

Since I’ve written about cookies before, I’m not going to go into all of the details about the cookies that I made. But, in addition to using In Katrina’s Kitchen sugar cookie recipe, I used her royal icing recipe for the first time. Her recipe calls for meringue powder and I had been unhappy the last time I used a royal icing recipe with meringue powder so I was a little nervous to try this recipe. But, I really like Katrina’s recipe and will use it again!

I decorated the cookies in batches. For the Minnie head silhouettes, I did the black icing first and let it dry completely. Then I went back and did the pink bow (I didn’t want to do the bow when the black icing was wet and have them bleed into each other). Once the bow was semi-dry I added the white polka dots so that they wouldn’t be flat but raised up.

I did the same thing for the stand-alone bows–pink, then the white polka dots once the pink was dry. But you could do the white when the pink is wet and have a wet-on-wet and then the dots wouldn’t be raised up.

Here are the cookies:

Minnie Mouse sugar cookies, number 2, bows, pink, polka dots

I bought all of the cookie cutters on Etsy. The bow and number 2 are from ThreeDGeek. The Minnie is from 3DGeeksters.

I had so much fun making the cookies and the cake pops and am so honored that my friend thinks I’m a good enough baker to bake for her kid’s party! 🙂 The snowstorm forced the party to be cancelled (boo!) but I brought the treats over to them on Monday once the roads were semi-drivable, and I hope that they’ve been enjoying them all this week.

And just for fun, here are the cake pops I made for the baby shower and last year’s birthday partyshower mom-to-be cake pops .

cake pops birthday party winter one-derland first birthday



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